Deploying Java with SCCM

Here’s how I’ve been able to deploy Java via SCCM 2007 (this method works for both Java 6 and Java 7):

1. Download the version of Java JRE you want to deploy HERE (specifically, the Offline installer; we use x86 even though we have x64 machines).

2. Run the Java EXE.

3. Find the temp folder it unpacked to (probably C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java for whatever user context you ran it under).

4. Take the MSI in that folder, along with Put BOTH those in your source folder (it will fail if you don’t copy as well).

5. Create Package from Definition using that MSI.

6. Deploy! It is very important that when you deploy this to your clients, all browsers are closed and Java is not running, otherwise your deployment may fail. My environment forces all client machines to reboot half an hour into our weekly Maintenance Window, so we always push these updates after that reboot to ensure Java and browsers are not running.

If you have a more efficient method, or any questions, leave a comment!

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