Resolving RegUtils error per-machine when deploying Java via SCCM

I’ve previously discussed how to deploy Java via SCCM 2007. The most common reason for this deployment to fail in our environment is “Internal Error 2753. regutils.dll”. It looks like this error is typically caused by having a browser or Java itself running when you try to update it. Here’s what we do to resolve it (with JavaRa and JavaMSIFix on network shares, this whole process takes less than a minute per client):

1. Open SCCM Client Center and connect to the PC in question
2. In the Inventory Actions section, select the AddRemove Programs tab and click Get Installed Software.
3. If Java is listed, remote onto their machine and go to in IE. Click Do I have Java?. You should get a message that Java is installed, or maybe one saying your version of Java is out of date. This is good (unless your environment should have the latest version of Java). You’re done!
4. If Java is not listed, remote into their machine and close out of all web browsers. Run JavaRA as Admin. Select Remove Older Versions. Once that’s complete, you should get a text file logging the progress. Close out of that.
5. Run JavaMSIFix.exe (also as Admin). It’s pretty self-explanatory.
6. Go back to the SCCM Client Center, and rerun the appropriate Java advertisement.
7. Check to make sure Java is now correctly installed by pulling up Add/Remove Programs. If it’s listed there, you’re all set!

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