My Smarthome Setup

When I started exploring my smarthome options, I chose Samsung SmartThings as my platform. After a few weeks using SmartThings, I decided I wasn’t a fan of Samsung having total control over everything. Their website was super buggy, implementing new devices was finicky at best, and Samsung complicated things by launching a second app to replace the first. After a few outages, I decided it was time to take full control over my home.

A friend of mine told me about HomeAssistant, so I picked up a Raspberry Pi 3 and dove in. I use mostly Z-Wave devices, so I also bought a Z-Wave Plus USB dongle from Aeotec. I’ve installed a number of Inovelli dimming light switches so far, and have a few of their new dimming switches (with no neutral required!) on preorder and hope to install those soon. I have a handful of Zooz ZSE40 sensors scattered around my house to monitor temperatures in various rooms, and have added a custom component to HomeAssistant to communicate with my Lennox iComfort thermostat as well. Lastly, I’ve used the native HomeAssistant integration with Ikea’s Trådfri platform for under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen as well as controlling some lamps.

Upcoming posts:

  • Automations using NodeRed
  • Triggering actions via Tasker on Android
  • Laundry monitoring using smartplugs and HomeAssistant

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