Wet Shaving

If you’re interested, start by reading this. It goes through the benefits of single-blade shaving and offers suggestions for a starting kit.

I always shave right after a shower, and usually do at least two passes (one with the grain, one against the grain, and one across the grain), and use the following:

1961 Gillette Fat Boy - Rhodium

Rhodium-plated 1961 Gillette Fat Boy

As far as consumables, I like the shaving creams from Taylor of Old Bond Street and aftershaves from Fine Accoutrements (both available in sample packs so you can try before committing).

If you’re just looking for to get started, here’s a pretty decent list:

  • You can always get a fancier razor if you decide to stick with it, but for getting your feet wet, something simple like this is perfect.
  • Mixed badger/boar hair shaving brush (badger is better than boar, but more expensive).
  • For shaving creams, I would recommend starting with a mix-and-match of different scents from here. I did this a couple months ago and got some that I love, others that are less enjoyable, but now I know which scents I like and which I should buy a bigger jar of. Sandalwood and Eton College are classic manly scents, but I really like the Lavender and Grapefruit as well.
  • As far as blades go, you can’t go wrong with a huge sampler pack. It’ll give you a bunch of different blades to try so you can find what works best for you.
  • You’ll also want a mug, you use that to whip your cream into a lather. You can get one here, or see if you have something that looks similar laying around at home.
Yeti Snot by The Shaving Yeti

Yeti Snot by The Shaving Yeti

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