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OSD Hangs on “Installing Updates” Step

We were experiencing an issue at one of our remote offices where our OSD task sequence would get stuck right before it began installing updates (Windows and Office Updates). This issue seemed to only affect machines that were already in SCCM’s database; unknown machines were unaffected. The issue was most prevalent in one specific remote office (affected approximately 60-70% of machines being reimaged), but was documented only sporadically at other offices. For what it’s worth, our environment is SCCM 2007 R2 running on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.

My first inclination was that there were just too many updates involved. I built a new Windows image that already included all of the Windows 7 updates that we’ve deployed to-date (a good practice we’ve decided we should do every few months anyway, just to cut down on OSD time). Unfortunately, this still did not work.

A bit of Googling yielded promising results: a hotfix available from Microsoft- “Task sequence that installs many updates stops responding on a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 client.” Perfect! I downloaded the hotfix, and proceeded to install it on the Site Server. Once that’s done, it also creates a new package called “KB2509007 – Advanced Client Hotfix – [Site Code]”. I had our remote techs try kicking off some OSD at this point, but apparently, I’d jumped the gun.

At this point, what needs to be done is to update your “Microsoft Configuration Manager Client Upgrade 4.0 ALL” package on all your Distribution Points. Also take note of this package’s Package ID, as you’ll need to add the following to the Installation Properties of your “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager” step in each of your Task Sequences:

PATCH=”C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\[Package ID for Client Upgrade 4.0] \i386\hotfix\KB2509007\sccm2007ac-sp2-kb2509007-x86-enu.msp”

Once this is added to your OSD TSs, and the package is updated on your DPs, your Task Sequences should stop hanging during the Installing Updates step!